Have you ever been in situations where a person hugs you and ask “how are you doing”?  They might say something like, “I haven’t seen you in a long time”.  You put a smile on your face and think “I don’t know this person!”  Maybe you have tried to remember how your little one’s feet and hands looked when they were new. The moment when all of your family members are finally together and you wish that you can remember that moment forever!

This is where Sonya Davis Photography comes to the rescue. We transfer your life’s moments into visual memories on film that will last you for a life time. We have been professionally capturing memories for five years and love it. We love seeing a new mom’s reaction as we pose her little one during his first photo session and hearing the uhhhhs and ahhhhs when viewing their family portraits.

We at Sonya Davis Photography, an awesome group of photographers, provide a memorable and personable experience at our Snellville location. We are a full-service photographer serving all surrounding Atlanta Metro counties.

We specialize in
•Family Portraits
•Belly Portraits
•Newborn Portraits