The photos I’m sharing with you today turned out so beautifully. As I was editing all the preview pictures for this blog post, I kept getting more and more excited with how they all turned out.


Before I post some of the pictures, I want to first tell you about Gregory and Karlene.  Gregory called the studio in January and inquired about giving his wife a surprise maternity session for her birthday.  I explained to him that the session would (2) hours in length and consists of gowns, fabrics, and a professional makeup artist.  Needless to say that the terms were acceptable and he booked the session.  Unbeknownst to Karlene, when they came to my home she was stepping into a portrait session.   Once I told her what was going to happen, she began to glow more than the average.  I knew we were in for some awesome images.



Mom was such a free spirit and beautifully, flowing, natural hair.  He inner sexual being shone through her posing.



Overall, we had a really great time together and I know that Gregory and Karlene are going to make the best parents to their little angel.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if it’s a boy or girl, you’ll have to wait – with mom and dad – to find out what the sex is!


Until then, check out these gorgeous photos!


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