Did you know…The vertical line that appears on a woman’s pregnant belly is called the linea nigra.   Hormones in a pregnant woman’s body causes the skin to become hyper-pigmented.  The linea nigra usually appears in your 2nd trimester, though not everyone gets one, and that’s nothing to worry about. It’s also more likely to appear on darker skin; if you’re pale, you might have one but don’t notice it.  Although you can not get rid of the linea nigra you keep it from getting darker by using sunscreen and covering up.  The line normally fads a few months after giving birth.

According to an old wives tale, the linea nigra can give a clue about the gender of the baby.  Apparently, if it extends from the navel downwards towards the pubic bone then the baby is more likely to be a girl. However, if the linea nigra is heading ‘north’ – from the navel up towards the head – then the baby is more likely to be a boy. However, there’s no conclusive evidence to prove that this will always be the case.

Look at the portrait that I posted. Do you think that mom is having a girl or a boy.

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